We are Trump’s Minutemen

  • Participate in decisions and strategic development for our movement.
  • Work with other dedicated, talented, leaders in our movement.
  • Be instrumental in educating new members and establishing and carrying out the party’s objectives.

Become a Minuteman

Become a Mmnuteman. Now more than ever our nation needs you. Our justice system has been weaponized to serve the interest of the deep state and the extreme left.  We are being invaded and they care more about gender “affirmation” than they do about the consequences of their perverted actions. This must stop, and we believe in Project 2025 and Trump to save our Republic. Join us tofday, and take back America! Fill out the form below, tell us about your work and skills. Let us know how you think you can serve our movement, visit our education page and start reading about our goals, or organization, and our objectives. Study up on the conservative values, and our agenda for 2025. You are not alone, we are the spirit of America

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