Black Country Music Star Defends Morgan Wallen Against Cancel Culture Mob

Black Country Music Star Defends Morgan Wallen Against Cancel Culture Mob

Darius Rucker defended chart-topping country singer Morgan Wallen from cancel culture mobs who have not forgiven him for uttering a racial slur in 2021.

Rucker — whose hit cover of “Wagon Wheel” topped both Country Music and national charts in 2013, recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. The black country star told the outlet that Wallen has grown as a person since the February 2021 incident that was captured on camera by one of his neighbors.

In the footage, a seemingly inebriated Wallen could be seen stumbling towards his Nashville home before saying, “someone to “take care of this p*ssy-ass N-word,” while pointing towards the bystander.

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“I think Morgan’s become a better person since that,” Rucker said. “I’ve known Morgan a long time. Since all that happened, Morgan’s tried to really better himself and become a better person and see the world in a much better, better way. And you know, he’s not forgiven.”

The “Wagon Wheel” singer noted that while Wallen has solidified himself as the genre’s biggest star and continues to sell out arenas nationwide, he is not receiving accolades from awards organizations and media outlets, something Rucker believes is deserved. Rucker suggested that the industry seems to be holding a grudge against Wallen over the 2021 incident.

“He’s still not out for CMAs and ACMs,” he explained. “They can say what they want, but the fact that Morgan Wallen is not up for ‘Entertainer of the Year’ and those things is crazy. No one’s selling more tickets than Morgan.”

Following the incident, several radio stations pulled Wallen’s tracks off the air, while his record label suspended his contract. After issuing an apology, Wallen checked himself into a rehab center and sought to make amends.

The country star spoke with black leaders and pledged $500,000 to black-affiliated groups, which he ultimately fulfilled. A large portion of that money went to the Black Music Action Coalition.

“I’ve talked to a lot of people, heard stories [about] things that I would have never thought about because I wasn’t the one going through it,” Wallen told Billboard last year. “And I think, for me, in my heart I was never that guy that people were portraying me to be, so there was a little bit of like, ‘Damn, I’m kind of actually mad about this a little bit because I know I shouldn’t have said this, but I’m really not that guy.’

“I put myself in just such a sh*tty spot, you know? Like, ‘You really messed up here, guy.’ If I was that guy, then I wouldn’t have cared. I wouldn’t have apologized. I wouldn’t have done any of that if I really was that guy that people were saying about me.”

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